Client Testimonials


I had a psychic reading and reiki with Laura. I’ve been to my share of mediums this year as I’ve been struggling as a Covid nurse. I’ve also been feeling lost years prior to Covid. The last medium I went to was spot on with validation however he left me with no tangible advice for my life.My reading with Laura at Celestial Touch was absolutely life changing. I came in with an open mind but I still had preconceived notions to what I wanted to hear and what I thought spirit would bring up. Laura was able to pick up on what was weighing on my energy the most in my life. She was even able go into a bit of detail on others involved in the situation which was extremely helpful.What is different about Laura when compared to various other mediums and psychics is that she’s clearly well trained, gifted and takes her work very seriously. Laura not only connected with my energy in the most accurate way possible but she gave me meaningful guidance that I knew was for my higher good. The advice wasn’t that easier to hear honestly. But I followed it as much as was given by spirits and immediately dealt with the situation and now my energy feels the lightest it’s been in, idk how long.We did reiki at the end of the session. It was my first time, I’m pretty young and healthy so I didn’t expect too much but she did pick up on almost every minimal issue I’ve had in my body. I did have a bit of a headache after but I keep hydrated like she recommend. Idk if this is another reason why I feel extremely light lately.I’ve already referred her to so many of my friends.Laura please don’t forget me when the world discovers you 🙂
Katerina B.
I was blown away by Laura's reading! So much of what she had me validate that was coming through from spirit was completely spot on -- it gave me chills! Laura was so kind and gentle and I feel genuinely healed by the gift she gave me of my reading. This is the real deal -- there were things about my past and present that no one could have known that Laura was able to talk to me about. Please, please go see Laura if you are having any questions or curiosity about areas of your life -- she is absolutely incredible!
Emily R.
A beautiful, kind, compassionate woman who is Gifted! Accurate information that was private yet she KNEW things that no one but I know. Amazing experience! Laura is the Real Deal!
Robin B.
Laura is the real deal. She is an excellent Medium. I have had several visits at Celestial Touch. If you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing Reiki session, put this place on your list. Laura does an excellent job. Highly recommend!
Kim H.
This is the second time I saw Laura, and she was extremely accurate both times. She is a very talented Medium and Reiki Master. I recently had a reading and Reiki. There were things that she said that only a handful of people know, and some things she said I never shared with anyone. Laura told me things about my son and daughter that were spot on, as well as a glimpse into their future. By the time I was done with the reading and Reiki, I felt wonderful!The Reiki was so relaxing, and I felt amazing. I felt renewed, rejuvenated, peaceful, and healing at the same time. She picked up on some issues and she made sure that she focused on the areas. I felt the energy move around as she worked on me, which was amazing.What I admire about Laura, is that she will not start the timer until she explains how she does things and ensure that she has a solid connection. When you see Laura, you are never rushed. The atmosphere at Celestial Touch is very peaceful and relaxing. She is the real deal, and I would highly recommend her!
LIsa F.
I think that Laura is a very talented Medium and Reiki Master. I have had several awesome medium readings with her and she helped to heal my foot after surgery! I will recommend her to everyone I know!
Karen H.
The real deal, both as a medium and Reiki practitioner.
Kim H.
I found Laura & Celestial Touch about 3 years ago & I feel blessed to have found her. She knew nothing about me, not even my last name, yet when we sat down she told me that an older man has been here waiting for someone and she felt it was me. I asked her what he looked like & she described my father, down to the hat he wore! She related information that only that other person knew. She was able to connect with most people I wanted to hear from with the exception of my cousin who had recently passed over. It was most likely to soon to reach him. The things that Laura told me she saw, on my first visit about 3 years ago, for the near future have been happening, which is mind boggling. In addition, the "things" are happening exactly as what she said. If you want an honest, informative Reading or Reiki sessions, then make an appointment with Laura Schek, the very gifted, compassionate & kind woman in Celestial Touch… You won't regret it.
Robyn B.
A few months ago I had a reading with Laura Schek and she mentioned that my older son would have an opportunity for a new job. Well I was impressed how right on with the information she gave me, because someone my son knows offered him a job working with a special effects company in Yonkers, New York. My son was able to visit the movie set where he could see what he made be implemented in the movie. I have no doubt that Laura is a gifted psychic.
Christine S.
Laura is a very in tune and a very accurate medium—you just never know who's going to show up! She is professional and extremely easy to be around, making my visits comfortable and wanting to come back for more. Also, her studio is beautifully decorated and soothing to the eye ...Laura is great healer and l recommend her highly. Thank you Laura.
Chris C.
This was one of the best readings I've had! I can't wait to book my next reading with Laura- I did zoom and was so impressed! I am going to book very soon again. My aunt came through who crossed over and it was the best 30 mins ever. I really can't wait to have another session! Thank you again for connecting me with my aunt who I absolutely love and miss every day! It was so emotional and touching.


I have been to Laura a few times now for Reiki and I am never disappointed. She is so genuine and legit!! I feel so calm after and connected to my highest self. I have also been to her for a mediumship reading and it was such a wonderful experience. Laura is the real deal!
Jessica M.
Just want to say, "wow!" I've had 2 Reiki sessions, with Laura and I will certainly be returning again. Laura is the real deal. She's a natural, intuitive healer. She's sincere, cares about her clients. I've had a couple of readings as well with her and she's always spot-on! The space at Celestial touch is feng shui- with clean, calm, peaceful feeling as soon as you step in.
Ann Marie R.
Laura gave me an amazing Reiki session! I felt like a whole different person after. She was spot on with everything!
Beth B
Had a lovely Reiki session with Laura the other day. She picked up on an injury before the session even began. I could feel the heat radiating from her hands. It was soothing, relaxing and healing. Highly recommend.
Laurie L
Celestial Touch is nestled in the Village of Pawling, NY on Arch Street and is where you will find certified intuitive Laura Schek. She is as friendly as she is fascinating, studying under some of the most influential and internationally renowned talents in the field. From the moment you walk through the door of her spa like suite, Laura treats you with the utmost care and compassion. Her professionalism is equal to her personable demeanor, and her love for what she does is felt whole heartedly. As a consumer and practitioner of wholistic wellness services, the experience of having such care and compassion is healing and transformative. She is not just a psychic reader, she is set apart by her many years of ongoing education and her dedication to educating others about trusting their intuition. Laura helps to lift the veil, develop insight and trust in the ability to touch your own intuition. A must do experience for sure.
Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R
This studio is a classy, cozy place. You relax upon entering. Laura is an excellent Reiki practitioner, imparting healing energy you can truly feel. She's also a skilled medium. Highly recommended.
My Reiki sessions with Laura have been wonderful! I'm always amazed how much better I feel afterwards. Better than a massage!
Tiffany R.
Thank you Laura for a wonderful Reiki session. I was skeptical at first, following the session I felt light, calm, and even better the next day. Laura took the time to explain everything and answer my questions, I didn't feel rushed at all. There is a calm and soothing way about Laura, I loved it.
Filiz D.
Laura is an incredibly gifted Reiki Master. I've been receiving Reiki for years and her sessions are simply phenomenal. They are some of the best I've ever experienced. An added perk is that Celestial Touch is peaceful and inviting—you don't have to go through a busy store with lots of people. It's a soothing, personal experience and one I highly recommend!
Jacqueline G.
This was an extraordinary experience. Laura made me feel comfortable and was able to explain to me after some of the things I experienced. It was a first step to healing myself. Reiki was great, going to do it again. I also have started attending Meditation on Monday nights and was able to get to my core, WOW! I was broken and now healing.
Grace E.
Laura is an exceptionally gifted healer and medium. My Reiki session left me feeling relaxed and grounded, and information that Laura has provided during a mediumship reading has been accurate and healing. The space is gorgeous - live plants, fountains, beautiful furniture and artwork - and very calming. You'll definitely enjoy your appointment.
Gina B.
I went to see Laura because of the arthritis in my hands and knees. Laura made me feel at ease right away because I had never done this before. She explained everything that she would do during the Reiki session which eased my concerns. It was an extremely relaxing and refreshing session. You can feel the warmth of her hands (even though she does not physically touch you). I will continue to visit Laura for more Reiki sessions because I feel less pressure within my joints. Her new place Celestial Touch is very inviting and warm. You can feel the energy as soon as you enter the room. It is a calming and spiritual retreat!!!!
Patty K.
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